1. put, place, position, move into position; situate, locate, localize, plant, mount; deposit, reposit, lay down, plump, rest; land, bring down, bring in, set down; park, station, stick; lodge, quarter; slap, tuck, slip, insert; implant, install, embed; arrange, collocate, deploy, distribute, allocate, array; order, group, assemble.
2. apply, lay, effect, bring about, bring to pass; create, generate, originate, begin, make; bring to bear, bring into effect, execute; give occasion to, give rise to, induce, instigate; prosecute, perform, enact, discharge, dispel; employ, exploit, use, turn, adopt, convert; put, enlist, press, call, draw; exert, exercise.
3. establish, fix, pinpoint, get a fix on; pin down, nail down, narrow down; zero in on, focus on, home in on.
4. post, station, relegate; appoint, detail, delegate, charge, consign; assign, prescribe, schedule, allocate; entrust, repose, invest, commit; destine, fate.
5. value, valuate, evaluate, estimate; price, appraise, rate, rank, gauge; count, reckon, quantify, assess, calculate; compute, Inf. size up, set a value or price on, measure.
6. determine, establish, fix, specify; stipulate, designate, indicate, select, name; define, limit, delimit, demarcate; mark off, bound, set off, delineate.
7. resolve, decide, settle, conclude, seal; purpose, will, fix upon, insist upon; come to a conclusion, choose, make up one's mind; adjudge, adjudicate, rule; ascertain, confirm, set at rest, agree upon.
8. present, place before, provide, offer; cut, stand up as, pose; afford, supply, furnish, yield, allow.
9. adjust, regulate, collimate, right, true; synchronize, time, coordinate, harmonize; align, balance, line up, equalize, square; orient, gauge, focus; accommodate, adapt, fit, reconcile; arrange, alter, fix.
10. ornament, deck, bedeck, decorate, array; bedizen, bejewel, bedight, grace; embellish, adorn, furbish, brighten.
11. plant, implant, ground, install, place, emplace; pitch, base, put in; put up, invest, vest.
12. direct, level at, fix on, turn; aim, point, bend, train, draw a bead on, hold on; bear, steer, tend, incline, lean; head, verge, go, lead.
13. urge, encourage, goad, motivate; animate, actuate, enkindle, inflame, instigate, foment, incite; rouse, egg on, provoke, fire; enjoin, move, start, excite; quicken, embolden, whet, kindle; exhort, drive, press, push, shove, thrust; impel, propel, lash, whip, spur on, work up; inflict, force, constrain, coerce, dragoon, oblige, necessitate.
14. affix, apply, attach, append, tack on, stick on; seal, stamp, impress, sign, set the seal on, countersign, undersign, cosign; adjoin, annex, tag on.
15. sink, drop, fall, go down, dip, descend; disappear, pass away, die away; decline, wane, ebb, diminish.
16. fix, rigidity, tighten, lock; root, entrench, stabilize, ground; solidify, make firm, stiffen, harden; congeal, gel, jellify, gelatihate; coagulate, conglobate, clot, stick together, cohere; agglomerate, conglomerate, cake, thicken; concrete, cement, granulate, crystallize.
17.(with forth, out or off) start, begin, commence, go ahead; embark, start out, move out, sally forth, Inf. take off, turn to; set sail, unmoor, get underway, put out to sea; venture out, push off, depart, go, leave, exit, quit, Inf. hit the road, Inf. hit the trail.
18. set about undertake, launch, set out, set to; get going, get a move on, Inf. kick off, Inf. blast off, Inf. jump off; engage in, enter upon, get to, take up; put one's shoulder to the wheel, put one's hand to the plow, put the ball into another's court, put the ball in motion; set in motion, take the first step, make a start, take the plunge, start the ball rolling, put into execution; set on foot, lead off, open, pioneer; break the ice, break gound; start in, plunge in, Inf. dive in, Inf. pitch in, Inf. get down to it, Inf. get to it.
19. set aparta. set aside, reserve, earmark, pigeonhole; save, lay away, put away, squirrel away, lay up; keep by, lay by, keep in reserve; store up, bank, treasure up, cache, Sl. stash away; collect, accumulate, garner, amass.b. distinguish, characterize, mark, mark off; differentiate, set off, Inf. keynote, demarcate.
20. set back hinder, impede, obstruct, prevent; retard, delay, throttle, detain, stay; hamstring, cross, foil, block, check; frustrate, thwart, inhibit, counterwork.
21. set downa. record, register, write down, write; list, enroll, sign up, inscribe; enter, put down, docket; insert, mark down, jot down, commit to writing; catalogue, tabulate, codify.b. attribute, ascribe, assign, attach; charge, place, pin, put down to; impute, accuse, saddle, father upon, lay at the door of.c. humble, humiliate, mortify, put down; bring down, abase, demean, take down; embarrass, meeken, put to shame, discomfit.
22. set fortha. describe, express, give expression to, give utterance to, utter, pronounce; state, affirm, declare, voice, enunciate, articulate, vocalize, verbalize.b. submit, offer, broach, present, propose, propound; bring forward, advance, move, make a motion, bid, suggest; predicate, postulate, posit; allege, aver, asseverate, avouch, say.c. embark, start out. See set(def. 17).
23. set in arrive, begin, come into being, come into existence; arise, rise, dawn; issue forth, burst forth, come forth, break out; crop up, spring up, come up.
24. set offa. ignite, light, touch off, inflame; detonate, explode, fire, Sl. blow, blow up.b. start out, begin. See set(def. 17).
25. set on attack, sic on, put on, go for; aggress, assail, assault, fall on, pounce on; pitch into, strike, fly at.
26. set outa. define, describe, explain, elucidate; detail, specify, fill in the particulars; report, chronicle, relate, tell, narrate, recite, recount; express, pronounce, give an account of; show, expose, reveal, exhibit, display.b. start out. See set(def 17).
27. set upa. erect, raise, elevate, put up; construct, assemble, build, put together.b. prepare, ready, prearrange, prime, plan, project; devise, block out, form, design; contrive, prescribe, fix.c. inaugurate, establish, introduce, usher in; institute, organize, found, lay the foundation, lay the first stone; give rise to, give birth to, engender, create, beget, conceive, father.
28. collection, assortment, arrangement, selection; array, order, collocation; disposition, ordering, ordination; group, combination, number, series; succession, progression, run, hierarchy; suite, suit, scale, gamut, service; miscellany, mixture.
29. clump, cluster, bunch, batch, lot, Bot. sorus, pack, packet; heap, pile, stack, mass, amassment, accumulation, assemblage; articles, furnishings, fixtures, things, appurtenances; outfit, gear, kit, rig, equipment, Sl. stuff, belongings.
30. company, party, society, assembly, crowd; circle, clique, ring, club, cabal, circle; clan, tribe, sect, faction, knot; body, corps, crew, force, team, band, regiment; gathering, congregation, committee, commission; association, league, guild, union, federation, establishment, cadre; squad, troupe, gang, detail, work party, detachment; fraternity, brotherhood, merry men, sorority, sisterhood, sodality; flock, herd, drove, swarm, throng, school, shoal; bevy, covey, gaggle, colony, brood, hatch, Rare. eyrie.
31. bearing, carriage, posture, cast, demeanor; turn, pose, poise, port; attitude, air, aspect, countenance, front.
32. bent, inclination, trend, run, tendency; direction, line, aim, way, course; tack, track, bearing, drift, orientation; lay, lie, point, reading, Survey. azimuth; fit, hang, fall.
33. apparatus, receiver, radio, Brit. wireless, crystal set, transceiver, Citizen's Band radio; television, TV, Brit. telly, Inf. boob tube, Inf. idiot box; console, cabinet.
34. stage set, scene, setting, place, location, mise en scene, decor; scenery, wings, flats, Theat. tormentor, screen, Theat. backdrop. See setting(def. 1).
35. fixed, prescribed, predetermined, prearranged; specified, agreed upon, appointed, ordained; decided, determined, arranged; preestablished, said, aforementioned.
36. customary, regular, stock, normal, usual; conventional, habitual, wonted, accustomed, traditional, consuetudinal; everyday, household, vernacular, vulgar, common, commonplace.
37. rigid, fixed, fast, bound, cemented, welded, soldered; riveted, nailed, fastened, secured, clinched, held; attached, connected, coupled, pinned, clasped, tied; permanent, stationary, motionless, rooted, one of the fixtures; firm, immovable, stable, constant; deep-seated, ingrained, indelible, irremovable; entrenched, vested, prescriptive, inveterate.
38. resolved, determined, decided, intent, resolute; persistent, stubborn, obstinate, bullheaded, immovable, steadfast; hardened, inflexible, obdurate, impervious, hidebound.
39. prepared, ready, primed, fit, ripe; armed, equipped, loaded, cocked; on the qui vive, alert, booted and spurred, ready to go.

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